Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goodbye And Thank You

I am sad to report that after battling lung cancer, which metastasized in to liver cancer, since August 2014 my aunt Dawn has lost her fight and passed away at 1:05 pm this afternoon. She was surrounded by family and friends and passed in peace with love in her heart.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my aunt's blog and I hope that it has given those in need the hope to fight a tough battle.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rough Week or so, for Liver and Lungs

A whole lot of coughing.  It is thought to be liver related...Not sure how that works.  Each day there is more coughing and now, it has become somewhat productive.  Generally very dry, so I am thinking it is from my sinus drainage.  I take 12 Hour Allegra for it. Sometimes it works pretty good and sometimes not.  Thank goodness for the air scrubber.  It does help.

Liver is causing a lot of pain.  Most of the time I try my best to ignore it... there are times I must take an RX for it---but, only at night.  I went in for my blood draw and was advised that my blood and platelets were too low for chemo and neulasta shot this week.  We will try again Monday and see where the counts are.

While dealing with this little set back, I had committed to going full, this is the week that the panels are being placed on my roof...kind of takes my mind of my own health issues.  Finally got my Prius a "trickle down" charger, because I am down more than up and was getting tired of having Toyota come to recharge, no problem. 

Several of my friends comes by periodically, to bring a supper for me and my kid... I am so grateful for them keeping me in the loop. 

I am guessing I need to do more research on my liver, to find out what is going on.  :)  Later...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

17 days since Liver Diagnosis

Terrible cough and little energy.  Not driving again.  Still trying to figure things out.  I have done more research and found coughing is found in most of the blogs and information.  It is hard to just sit strait up...or back in a chair.  I keep huge amounts of cough drops around me along with fluids. I sleep on my left side because I can't sleep in any other position....too much coughing.  No coughing on my left side, which allows me to get a pretty good nights sleep.

What independence I had is now pretty much restricted.  I am awaiting the Dr apt in two weeks.  I have another round of blood draw and chemo this week, along with next week.  I have my nephew driving me, again.  I can still do some basic cooking and that part is good.  I now rely on some deliveries.  Good news is, I can still eat what I want....just not in large quantities. 

Had a great visit with my sister and nephew...I know I wasn't supposed to talk so much (causes mucus in my throat)...I even ordered pizza in... So much to say-it was her husband who passed from sclc which metastasized about every where, back in '87.

At least for the time being, I still have my brain and can kind of engineer what is going on around me.  This has been so hard on Mim...She has good days and bad days wondering what is coming next.  Thank goodness we have a dog.  It helps.

So very glad we got to make the trip to CA a couple of weeks ago.  Who knows, maybe a very smart scientist is working on a cure for me... Mim is going to make breakfast this morning...  :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

87 Days and still breathing.

I did see the Radiologist on the 4th.  He was not happy to hear the new diagnosis....But, was glad to see that I am still doing well. As, he puts it, "I am his Star.

I drove to Palm Springs (Indio) to see Tony Bennett 1/30/2015.  Was very tired, but OK.  Next day my lady friend drove my car to her place... We, took a short bypass to Sam's...and then I did nothing for the rest of the day. Sunday we made preparations for the Super Bowl, food... And, got to chatter like we used to.

Monday morning, Mim and I headed back to AZ.  I didn't make a speedy trip of it...but, made good time.  Guess I am much stronger than I thought.  There were no problems... Just tired and slept well.

I am learning there are really, really good days...and some ho-hum days.  None bad.  I did learn something...I forgot to renew my military ID and made a run to Pass and ID.  Found out, the chemo pretty much destroyed my fingerprints....grrrr....  Good thing was, I had "other ID" to renew me.

I have a blood draw Monday and Chemo Tuesday... We will see how this new round treats me.  For now, I will be going in with the same schedule of blood and chemo, for three weeks on and one off, until the Dr.'s determine how I am responding.

Very curious life, for me.  Later...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New direction from Dr. visit today

I had a second CT w/contrast, last week.  Today my Oncologist gave me the news.  Seems I have a genetic predisposition for growing nodulars, lesions, etc.  My liver is now under attack.  I am to start a new Chemo on the 10th of Feb.  We will see what comes of it.  He did say, that we would not be RVing...Which means, no trips we had started to plan.  My lungs look good and I feel good...75 days since an event. 

I still believe in science and God...put them together, could be a great miracle. I will be watchful for smart scientists who will invent a new chemo....just for me, or anyone who needs it.

We really plan to enjoy life the best we can and for as long as we can.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

60 Days without an event.

Saw my oncologist this morning. He had planned for another series of chemo-to start today....but, when he walked into the room... "You look way to good to even be here."  "let's wait until we see the results of the CT Scan on Thursday (1/15/15) and decide then.  Now that, makes me one happy camper.  Told him, that I haven't felt this good, in quit a long while. 

My breathing is so much better.  While I still have COPD, not that much coughing. The only real RX I am taking, is the Spiriva.  And, my thyroid RX... 

Basically I am pretty healthy.  Walking, cooking, some cleaning, and driving.  I don't have a lot of energy built up....but that will come with time. 

When I have to slow down, I tend to organize rooms and, nothing lost and everything gained.

I will see oncologist on the 20th and the radiation Dr. on the 4th of Feb.  Hang on world...Here I come, again.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finished with radiation 1/2/15

Greeting 2015 is the best gift I could have received.  I have finished my radiation treatments and am ready to find out what is next.  I am told there will be a CT Scan and blood draw within the next 30 days.  What or if there is further treatments will be discussed.  At this time, I am beginning to feel pretty normal (whatever that is) and will start making my plans for the future. 

I finally had to drive my car, today.... Something I had been putting off until I was sure my reaction time was acceptable.  Guess it is.  My daughter woke up with a severe tooth infection and I was lucky our dentist was in his office on a Saturday.  She is taking a lot of antibiotics and pain pills until Wednesday and then, she should be good to go...for an extraction. 

I am just so very grateful the dentist was in, and I am in good enough shape to drive.  Happy times are around the corner for me and my family.  I will keep my results posted on here and on the Lungevity Community Support Group pages...